Plano Community Rotaract

This week we celebrate World Rotaract Week and we wanted to kick off the week by taking action and making a difference in our local community.

We decided to create a challenge and invite Rotaractors, Rotarians, Interactors, and friends to work on one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus: Protecting the Environment.

The first task in our Go Green Challenge is to participate in a community clean up or pick up litter you see when you’re out and about. In order to inspire everyone to join our challenge we planned our first park cleanup as a club.

We chose Bob Woodruff Park. The city of Plano actually provided us with all the supplies needed. We just had to sign up by submitting a form and pick everything up from a designated spot.

All our volunteers signed up in advanced and followed guidelines before getting to work. We used gloves, trash pickers, and trash bags.

We learned that the average size of a piece of litter is four inches or smaller. Even though at first glance the area might look clean, once you take a closer look you start to find trash around. Some of the most common items we found included cigarette butts, cans, plastic bottle caps and bags.

A community cleanup takes hard work, but we made sure to have fun! As we collected trash, we got time to share stories and helped each other out to keep everyone safe.

It was very rewarding to have people walking by thanking us for keeping the area clean. A little kid, came to us when we were cleaning the playground and said “thank you for making the park safe for us”.

At the end of our cleanup, even a little turtle peeked out of the water to say “hi”, reminding us why we were doing this. If you want to make a difference and join our efforts, please consider participating in our challenge through April 30th.

We are committed to creating projects and activities that support the conservation and protection of our environment. Our common goal is to advocate for the preservation of natural resources and to support sustainable initiatives in our community.